Balls Mahoney - Grim Reefer - Deadpool - Devon Moore (c)

Former Pro Boxing Champion Butterbean vs ????

PAUL E'S PROTEGE vs PAUL E'S MENTOR                     
 Timmy Aiight with So Cal Val   vs    Nunzio

Urban Legends vs The Best Around vs Air-O-Dynamic vs ??

Sabu, Kizarny,  Earl Cooter, The Zombie, Malta, One Warrior Nation, Jay
Santana, Justin Corino, Jimmy Jact Cash, Rocksha, Chris Envy, Joey
Ettell, and more!

    Trent Acid vs Sami Callihan vs Xavier vs Monsta Mack       
                     Azrieal vs Pinkie Sanchez
Fala with Ox Baker vs DJ Hyde      Bandido Jr vs Dave Logan

                     APPEARANCES BY   
2009 WWE Hall Of Famer "The Birdman" Koko B Ware, Former TNA
Knock Out Roxxi,   Annie Social, Former WCW star Missy Hyatt, former
ECW Superstar Julio Dinero, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, Sony Records'
Poison Pen, Super Bowl XXV winning NY Giants wide receiver "The
Touchdown Maker" Stephen Baker, and more including a special
message from WWE star Shad!
Devon Moore has held the PWS Title for the past years, however lost it on May 29 at Brawl For Paul in a 4 Way Elimination Match with
Grim Reefer, Balls Mahoney, and Deadpool. Not only did Devon lose the match, but he was the first one eliminated!   Deadpool with Annie
Social at ringside went on to pin Balls Mahoney for the title.  Deadpool unmasked to reveal he was really.... Trent Acid!
As Trent Acid was presented with The PWS Title, none other than Gorgeous George (the woman whom debuted the masked Deadpool
at PWS) emerged out of nowhere to announce that Trent is not the real Deadpool!
Trent admitted to posing as Deadpool to get a title shot and
said he'd defend the title anytime, anywhere, which led to the
emergence of Butterbean hitting the ring to challenge for the
belt!  Butterbean and Trent had some issues earlier in the
night as Trent caused Butterbean to lose to Hellter Skelter
via countout.  As Ring Announcer Nate Stein announced the
match as No DQ,  Trent immediately started attacking
Butterbean with a steel chair, however with one huge KO
Punch to the face, Trent was knocked out for a ten count,
and Butterbean was crowned PWS Champion!
Both former PWS Champions Devon Moore & Trent Acid are eager to retain
their spot on top, however PWS Commissioner Iron Sheik has found a worthy
challenger to fight Butterbean for the belt at the next PWS event!
On June 24, 2007 Pro Wrestling Syndicate held its first live event which took place in Garfield, NJ.  Wrestler Paul E Normus was part
of a 4 Way Main Event which included "The Monster" Abyss, Michael Sain, and Steve "Monsta" Mack.  On January 15, 2009 Paul E
Normus was found dead in his parents' home.  On May 29, 2009 PWS returned to Garfield NJ to hold a special memorial event to
honor our fallen friend Paul.  The Garfield Boys & Girls Club was packed and we were able to meet our overhead costs and make an
honorable donation to Paul's family to help lift the financial burden of Paul's untimely funeral services.   
Next up was the special E-Normus Rumble Match as announced by guest ring announcer Brian Howard. Two wrestlers whom were booked for this match
future PWS events.  
Sandman was also booked for this match however he informed us that his booking agent Kami Albano failed to notify him of the
event's date. Sandman whom is in Orlando with his children legit wanted to be part of this event, however placed blame on Kami for the incident.  To
make it up to fans, PWS will be giving away free Sandman autographed 8x10's with every purchase of The Brawl For Paul dvd.  We will have some fun
about Warrior Nation in another article.   With Diamondback in the match putting his PWS Title Shot on the line, the winner of this over the tope rope
elimination match will either obtain (or if Diamondback wins, retain) the right to challenge the PWS Champion anytime anywhere.
The ring was quickly filled with an array of stars including
The Zombie, Shockwave The Robot, Jay Santana, Malta The Damager, Rocksha 337,  Kizarny,  
Sabu, Justin Corino, Jimmy Jact Cash, Chris Envy, Joey Image, Joey Ettell, Spaz The Ring Crew Guy, Earl Cooter,
and Diamondback amongst others.  As
it came down to just Sabu and Rocksha 337,  the birthday boy Rocksha was eventually pounded and tossed to the floor making Sabu the winner of The
E-Normus Rumble and giving Sabu the right to challenge for the PWS Title anytime, anywhere!

To end off the first half of action, PWS held a Fatal Four Way match between
Xavier, Monsta Mack, "The New Horror" Sami Callihan and Trent Acid.  This
hard hitting battle had a lot of crowd interaction and eventually saw Trent Acid nail Mack with his patent Yakuza Kick to the face to pick up the win. The
crowd was pretty torn between Acid and Callihan to pick up the victory.
Doors opened at 6:55 pm with a
line of fans streaming down the
block. As fans entered the lobby of
The Garfield Boys & Girls Club they
were greeted by several stars in
the lobby signing autographs and
Sabu, Balls Mahoney, Nunzio,
Roxxi, Missy Hyatt,  and "The
Birdman" Koko B Ware amongst
others.  By 7:45pm , all 300 floor
seats were completely filled, and
Balcony tickets were sold out,
leaving PWS the only option of
selling Standing Room Only tickets
to the remaining fans in line.
PWS Pre-Show Action kicked off at
7:50pm as fans filed into the building.
This special 4 Way Rookies Dream
Match came straight out of PWS'
developmental territory UWA and saw
Qiz, Nick Impact, and Ruin in about 8
minutes. This victory gave
Diamondback the chance to challenge
The PWS Champion anytime,
anywhere, however it didn't take long
for irate PWS Champion Devon Moore
to crash the ring and attack all 4
competitors. Diamondback decided to
prove himself even more to PWS fans
by putting his right to challenge the
Champion on the line later in the night
in The E-Normus Rumble Match!
Our opening contest saw Paul E's protege Timmy
with valet TNA Knock Out So Cal Val take on
Paul E's mentor, former WWE Lightweight Champion
contest between the two popular lightweights which
saw several standoffs but eventually went in the
favor of Nunzio.  After the match backstage Timmy
Aiight announced that he will be leaving
professional wrestling and moving to Las Vegas the
following morning to pursue a career as a culinary
chef!  The young Timmy Aiight thanked PWS for
giving him the biggest match of his
career...something often overlooked by veteran
area stars that have seen PWS ring time. We wish
Timmy Aiight all the best and hope to one day see
him back at a PWS event.
Next up we saw a fight between Paul E's last two
opponents ever;  
DJ Hyde and Fala whom was
accompanied by his new manager, wrestling legend,
Ox Baker. This match spilled all over the building and
saw the usage of chairs and other objects as the
crowd was on their feet.   At one point DJ Hyde
knocked down the 75 year old Ox (whom walks with a
cane).  As DJ and Fala continued to exchange stiff
nailed DJ with his patent Heart Punch.  Fala
capitalized on this situation by plunging his 400 pound
body on top of DJ with a giant splash for the 3 count.  
Fala, a man whom was previously hated within PWS
was extremely over with The Garfield fans.
Julio Dinero entered the ring next to begin a segment of his PWS talk show "The Naked Truth".  Julio, often
hated, broke it down to the fans that whether you hate him or not, he's here tonight to honor his friend Paul
E.  Julio talked about his experiences knowing Paul E and thanked his family for joining the wrestling fans
at this event.  Julio brought former Super Heavyweight Pro Boxing Champion
Butterbean into the ring as
his guest on "The Naked Truth".  As Butterbean's "Sweet Home Alabama" blared on the speakers, the
entire crowd was on their feet to see the man whom knocked out former WWE stars Sean O'Haire and Bart
Gunn in a matter of seconds for the first time ever!   Butterbean made his intentions in PWS very clear;  
he's here to fight the best and make his way to the top.   Butterbean was interrupted by none other than the
Trent Acid!   Acid, a man not seen in PWS for the past year was greeted with a standing ovation
and appeared to be in top shape.  Trent made it clear that since he already was booked for a match later in
the evening that he will not be the one to fight Butterbean.  Instead Trent brought out Philly star "The
Legend Killer"
Hellter Skelter.  The crowd was puzzled and rightfully so as the very thin Hellter made his
way to the ring to take on the 400 pound human wrecking ball.  With Trent at ringside the match began with
Hellter getting in little to no offense.   As Butterbean went for a quick pinfall , Trent pulled ref
out of the ring to break up the 3 Count.   Butterbean immediately charged after Trent, eventually
tossing him into the crowd!  As Butterbean pounded away at Trent on the floor, Lauderdale made a 10
Count making Hellter the winner!   An irate Butterbean slid back into the ring and gave a huge KO punch to
Hellter's face, leaving him layed out in the middle of the ring.  PWS' EMS crew came to Hellter's aid.
Sony Records hip hop star Poison Pen hit the ring accompanied by The Urban Legends  (Wes Draven &
Devious) performing his song "Facebreaker".  The performance was interrupted by Boston's own
accompanied by manager Knowledge.  The other two teams in this 4 Way Elimination PWS Tag
Team Match,  
Air-O-Dynamic (The Dynamic Sensation & Javi Air) and The Best Around (TJ Cannon &
Bruce Maxwell) quickly hit the ring.   Da Hoodz were eliminated first, shockingly followed by favorites to
win the match Air-O-Dynamic,  leaving The Best Around and Urban Legends to battle it out for the tag
titles.  The action got legit intense including spitting, head dropping, and straight closed fist sucker
punches, spilling to all sides of the floor.  Eventually Wes Draven scored a flash pin on TJ Cannon to
pick up the win and make The Urban Legends the new PWS Tag Team Champions.  The two teams
quickly left the ring and continued brawling to the back and in the locker room.

Next up was a "Teacher vs Student" Match between
Azrieal and Pinkie Sanchez.  This hard hitting back
and forth action looked like it was going to go in the favor of the popular student Pinkie , however
veteran Azrieal eventually picked up the win.  After the match Azrieal basically snapped and applied a
tight katahajime judo choke to Pinkie which led to him foaming at the mouth.  EMS crew quickly
crashed the ring to attempt to given Pinkie some oxygen, but Azrieal quickly started attacking the EMS
crew including hitting a double stomp on one of them!  Eventually a large number of EMS hit the ring
and was able to get Pinkie out of the ring on a stretcher as Azrieal was restrained by PWS refs Brett
Lauderdale and
Rich Bass.  PWS will be getting comments about this situation from Azrieal in the
coming days.

Before the evening's main event, a special video message from WWE star
Shad of Cryme Tyme was
played as the crowd rose to their feet. Shad said he that he wanted to appear live at the event however
his WWE contract would not permit him to do so.  Shad talked fondly of his fallen friend Paul and
thanked everyone in Garfield for attending the event.   Several PWS stars including Kizarny, Nunzio,
Joey Image, Rocksha, Chris Envy, Jimmy Jact Cash, The Zombie, and Timmy Aiight came into the ring to
speak to everyone about their personal experiences with Paul E.  PWS then invited Paul's parents
Adrienne and Paul Sr and Pau's brother Justin  to join everyone in the ring.  Paul's mother made a brief
speech thanking everyone for their support and expressing grattiude about the event.  PWS announcer
Nate Stein presented Paul's parents with a cash donation on behalf of Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Words
cannot describe the emotional level of this 20 minute portion of the event.

Main Event Action was in the form of a Four Way Elimination Match between Champion/Reality Check
Devon Moore, Deadpool, Balls Mahoney, and Grim Reefer.  Devon Moore has held the PWS
Championship for the past year, while both Balls and Reefer have been chasing after it.  The masked
Deadpool was brought to PWS by
Gorgeous George and took out Reality Check mouthpiece Kevin
+ RC valet Terri Runnels in a bloody Ambulance Match at PWS Firestorm II, a match that also
led to
Danny Demanto being booted from Reality Check.   The action quickly spilled all over the building
with ladders and chairs coming into play.  Shockingly Devon Moore was eliminated from the match first
by Balls Mahoney!  Balls then went on to eliminate Grim Reefer , narrowing the PWS Title picture down
to just Balls and Deadpool.  The crowd assumed Balls would win the match and begin a feud with #1
Contender Sabu, however it was Deadpool with new valet
Annie Social at ringside picking up the
unexpected win to become PWS Champion!    However,  Deadpool's mask fell off to reveal he was none
other than Trent Acid!    Trent Acid was presented with the PWS Title but was interrupted by none other
than Gorgeous George whom proclaimed "I debuted Deadpool and you're not him!  You stole Deadpool's
spot in this match!"    Trent admitted that he in fact was not Deadpool and snuck into the match, but now
is PWS Champion.  Trent announced that he would defend his new title anytime , anywhere and was
immediately interrupted by an angry Butterbean!   As Trent and Butterbean spoke back and forth about a
match at the next PWS event for the title,  PWS owner Eric Tapout told ring announcer Nate Stein to
make the match happen right here and now!   Seconds after the bell rang,  Trent attacked Butterbean
with a chair, but Butterbean countered with a huge KO punch to Trent's face, leaving him knocked out
for a 10 Count making Butterbean the brand new Pro Wrestling Syndicate Champion!

After the show,  Poison Pen filmed a music video for "Facebreaker" which included Balls Mahoney,
Devon Moore, Sabu, Butterbean, Gorgeous George, former NY Giant Stephen Baker, and Trent Acid
amongst others!  Video will be posted on the PWS website upon its completion.
Intermission kicked off with "The First Lady Of Wrestling" Missy Hyatt hitting the ring to start an auction on behalf of Wrestler's Rescue to raise funds for
both Paul's family as well as
"Dr Death" Steve Williams. Most of the locker room signed autographs for fans during intermission as well.  Second half
action kicked off with
Bandido Jr (whom had his father Bandido Sr watching on) taking on Paul E's friend and former roomate Dave Logan.  In a good
back and forth match up , Bandido Jr, a man whom teamed with Paul E in his last match ever (a 5 on 5 Match at PWS' Firestorm II) picked up the win.
wrestlers speaking about Paul
Paul's parents in ring
Chris Envy, Timmy Aiight, Nunzio, Rocksha, and Tim Arson were amongst those
to speak in the ring about their memories of Paul E Normus.  Paul's family were
invited into the ring to receive a cash donation on behalf of PWS and Paul's
mother spoke very elegantly about her son and expressed her gratitude about
the event.  A video message from WWE star Shad, whom was Paul's friend and
former roomate, was also played live at the event.
At 8pm, PWS Ring
greeted PWS fans and
welcomed special
guests in attendance
including the guitarist
of Legendary Punk
Rock Band The Misfits
Doyle, Hot 97 dj Peter
Rosenberg,  and
Super Bowl XXV
winning NY Giant
wide receiver "The
Touchdown Maker"
Stephen Baker!