BUCKOUT ROAD by Eric Pleska
170 printed pages covering everything Buckout Road.  

  1. Introduction
  2. The Oldest Urban Legend
  3. Illegally Freed Slaves
  4. The Redcoats are Coming . . . to Buckout Road
  5. The Original Hobo
  6. The Buckhout Family Arrives in Sleepy Hollow
  7. The Murder Of Miss Buckhout and The One Armed Martyr
  8. Buckhout the Mad Murderer
  9. The Bloody Massacre Beyond the Burning Fort
  10. Pine Tree Farm
  11. Missing Graves and Stolen Corpses
  12. Some Things About Mary and Her Ghost
  13. John Buckhout
  14. Hollywood and The Birth of Pro Wrestling
  15. The Child Eating Serial Killer
  16. Flesh Eating Albinos
  17. Three X's Mark The Spots
  18. Slaughterhouses and Ghost Sightings
  19. Haunted Mansion
  20. An Ode to Rick's Party of '85
  21. What's That In The Woods
  22. The Underwater Town
  23. Drownings at The Quarry
  24. Buckout Road
Includes never before shared information directly from the
descendants of the Buckhout and Foster families and former residents
of Buckout Road, among many other things!

I've been interviewed about Buckout Road  in various books including
Fran Cappo's
Myths and Mysteries of New York State and local
publications such as
Westchester Magazine.  Books, newspaper articles,
and website posts have copied & pasted things that were originally
here on my BuckoutRoad.com website.  75% of the book is stuff that's
never been shared on the site, thus never written about in other books
or on other websites.
FINALLY...a book all about
Buckout Road!
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