Strength In Numbers
Hania The Howling Huntress
Ring announcer So Cal Val welcomed the 203
in attendance and introduced commentators
David Adams & Chasity Taylor.

Absent due to last minute emergencies were
Annie Social of The Backseat Girlz tandem
with Missy Sampson, and S.I.N. member
Alexxis Nevaeh.

La Rosa Negra defeated Taeler Hendrix to
retain The Majestic Title.  After the match, La
Rosa continued the beatdown on Hendrix.
This lead to La Rosa's arch nemesis of the
past year
Missy Sampson hitting the ring.  
S.I.N. members
Amber Rodriguez & Jessie
soon followed and laid out Sampson.
S.I.N. offered group membership to La Rosa
whom exited with Rodriguez to discuss
further while a stumbling
Grandma Butcher
headed towards the ring through the crowd.

Jessie Kaye pinned Grandma Butcher after
chokeslamming him, err her twice onto
Rapper Shaq Daddy performed part of his song "She Thirsty" on the On Deck segment hosted by The
Drunken Swashbuckler
and Destiny.  His song was interrupted by Vanity whom had some choice words for
her opponent Angel Dust whom she was forced to team with via luck of the draw at Bombshells #8 during
the opening round of the Majestic Twelve Tournament.  The highly popular Ohio pixie
Angel Dust quickly
made her way to the ring and after a back and forth battle was victorious in scoring the pin on Vanity.

In a match in which fans are already referring to as a 2014 Match Of The Year candidate
Serena Deeb
Mia Yim in their first ever meeting in an epic nearly 20 minute back and forth hard hitting match up
where both competitors showed their mutual respect of each other.

On Deck with TDS & Destiny returned next with guest
Jen Cruz whom is still winless at Bombshells.  
Vinny Finucci entered and made Chasity Taylor his new assistant, much to her surprise.
Finucci went on to verbally molest Cruz for several minutes to the shock of the crowd.  Cruz's opponent
Cristina Diamond entered , however before the match could begin Finucci appointed Chasity as the guest
referee.   Cristina Diamond defeated Jen Cruz and in spite of being aligned with the heel commissioner had
a very large cheering section..

Hania The Howling Huntress defeated
Sienna Duvall, Sumie Sakai, and Mistress Belmont in a Fiesty Four
Way Match after scoring the pinfall on Sumie.   The popular Hania was quickly met in the ring by S.I.N.
members Rodriguez & Kaye whom offered Hania membership into their group.  Shockingly Hania accepted.

Missy Sampson defeated Amber Rodriguez to retain The PWS Bombshells Heavyweight Title.  This hard
hitting match saw run ins by Jessie Kaye, Hania hit the ring to help Rodriguez cheat her way to a title win.
Taeler Hendrix hit the ring trying to help Missy whom helped her earlier in the night.  Taeler and Hania
brawled to the back.   With Jessie & Amber having the upper hand on Missy,  La Rosa Negra hit the ring and
instructed Jessie & Amber to hold Missy.    La Rosa whom has been violently feuding with Missy for the past
year shockingly hit Jessie Kaye as Missy broke free and attacked Amber leading to a pinfall victory.  La
Rosa explained that while she has had her differences with Missy, she has respect for her.  

What will happen next time at Bombshells?  S.I.N. has now grown to four members with Hania joining the
ranks while La Rosa has turned into a fan favorite standing beside Missy.  Will there be more shocking
swerves?  Stay tuned.
PWS Bombshells #9
March 22, 2014 - Avenel, NJ
Event Recap
La Rosa Negra and Missy Sampson
The popular hardcore Grandma Butcher could not stop the streak of Strength In Numbers
member Jessie Kaye whom has yet to lose a Singles match at PWS Bombshells.
S.I.N. has now grown to 4 members:  Amber Rodriguez, Jessie Kaye, Alexxis Nevaeh, and
Hania The Howling Huntress.
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Vanity vs Angel Dust

Jessie Kaye vs Grandma Butcher

Jen Cruz vs Cristina Diamond

Hania The Howling Huntress vs Sumie Sakai vs
Mistress Belmont vs Sienna Duvall

Missy Sampson vs Amber Rodriguez

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