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- Buckout Road

The several mile curvy road connects the Eastern part of White Plains to neighboring West Harrison.

The woodsy back road is rooted in history dating to the 1600s that is arguably just as twisted as the road itself.

Native American Folk Lore, Revolutionary War Battles, Murders, a Hanging, a Serial Killer, a Slave Cemetery, Grave Robbings, and every single urban legend you can think of ranging from flesh eating albinos to paranormal activity. Its all here.

Cemetery on Buckout Road.

1 Headstone.

Bases of 3 Headstones.

43 People Buried Inside.

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There are several cemeteries on Buckout Road. This one, referred to
as The Buckhout & Foster Burial Ground has been victimized by grave
robbings and vandalism. The end result is one standing head stone
belonging to John Buckhout and his wife Charlotte Cowan.
I read an article in the local newspaper (at the time was called The
Reporter's Dispatch) which stated the Historical Society had
'discovered' there were in fact 43 people buried here.  It went on to
state  they would erect a monument.  They never did. I contacted them
several times, they never responded. It's now over 10 years later.
As it had always personally bothered me that 41 individuals' resting
place was disturbed with no markers behind, I spent some time
researching and compiled the list the below.
Incomplete List Of People Buried in the unmarked cemetery on Buckout Road:
(earliest in 1830's most recent was 1927)

Charlotte Cowan Buckhout,  Elizabeth Ann Foster Buckhout, Isaac F Buckhout, John F Buckhout,
John Quincy Adams Buckhout, Nancy F Buckhout, Josephine Carpenter, Willie A Carpenter,
(unknown) Cox, Emeline Cox, Harriet Cox, Mary Ann Cox, Phebe Ann Cox, Sophia Cox,
Almira Foster, Ann Foster, Ann E Foster, Elijah Foster, Elijah J Foster, Elizabeth Foster,
John Foster, John B Foster, Joseph P Foster, Mary Foster,Matilda Foster, George W Marsh,
John H Marsh, Margaret Marsh, Mary Marsh, Thomas J Marsh, Isaac Meeks,
Joseph Knapp Meeks, Mary G Meeks, Mary L Meeks, Moses Meeks, Solomon Meeks,
William M Meeks, Angeline Platt, Epenetus Platt, Epenetus Platt Jr
no cannibal albinos here
Did a family of cannibal albinos
live in this house next door to
serial killer Albert Fish?
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What's Near
Buckout Road?
An underwater town

Sleepy Hollow

2 Houses where George
Washington lived

Buckout Road is
named after The
Buckhout family.
A family member was
hanged in White
Plains for a double
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