Clinton Road runs from Route 23 in West Milford, New Jersey to Upper Greenwood Lake. It is a mostly undeveloped area, and the road meanders around various reservoirs. Most of the land is watershed owned by the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation (NWCDC).


There's albinos and midgets there
Um, so what if there are..why is that scary or appealing? They're people just like everyone else. People gotta live somewhere right?

There's a ghost of a little boy

WeirdNJ offers: " If you ever decide to travel down Clinton Road at midnight, stop at the bridge by Dead Mans Curve. As the story goes, if you sit on that bridge and throw pennies into the river, the ghost of a young boy will throw them back to you."

LostDestinations offers: "Perhaps one of it's more infamous tales is the ghostly story of the bridge at the dead man's curve in the road. Local legend says that years ago, a little boy was playing on the bridge and tragically fell to his death on the jagged rocks below. They claim his restless ghost haunts the lonely spot where he died, and if you throw a quarter over the edge of the bridge down into the water below, moments later it will be tossed back at you. We pulled over just past the bridge and walked back to take a look, climbing down into the ravine below the 'haunted" bridge; there we found a child's toy wagon eerily overturned and abandoned on the bank of the stream.

Another site ( "I drove on until I came to the bridge where a little boy is said to have lost his life. Stories about how the boy died differs, some say he was murdered other say an accident. According to legend, he now haunts the bridge and the road. Supposedly, if you throw change over the side of the bridge the boy will throw it back up to you. Well, he must have been off that day because I threw some change and nothing came back.After losing around sixty cents to the ghost boy, I drove the rest of the way down the road then back again. About the only exciting thing that happened was almost running over a bunch of wild turkeys"

ExploredNJ offers: "My first trip to Clinton Road- 10:00 am til 12:00 pm Wednesday, April 11, 2001 Cool out, breezy and grey overcast Again, nothing odd happened"

My take; right off the top..who was this boy? If this were truthful then why is there never a name attached to this story? Why is there never a date specified? Why are there no details? If WeirdNJ is publicizing this story then why haven't they produced a newsclipping regarding this or any details? West Milford has a library as well as a large data base online. There are no records of this alleged event ever taking place. I don't buy this one at all. As for the toy wagon..well someone thought they were being funny by leaving it there, that's pretty obvious dont you think?

There's skinheads that roam the area?
Again, like the alleged albinos and midgets that supposedly inhabit the area, skinheads are people too. A lot of punk rock and hardcore bands have come out of Jersey. The Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Redline, NJ Bloodline, E Town Concrete, etc. It is totally possible that there's skins that live in the area or have traveled there, so what.

The KKK has rallies there
Believe it or not KKK rallies are not illegal. Why would a group looking to persuade people into joining its ranks hold a rally in the woods?

There's an abandoned druid pyramid in the woods This is in reality an old iron furnace, built in 1826 and fired on Sept. 17, 1833, this furnace was fired only three additional times, and abandoned in 1837. There where many iron mines in that area up into Sterling forest and as far as West Point. There ere the remains of many such furnaces through-out the area that where built to serve these mines. Many helped forge the chain across the Hudson River

There's a cemetery there
Actually there's two. One at the start of Clinton Rd on Route 23,and another behind a nursery school. No reports of hauntings at either

Haunted abandoned house
This is directly from a site called Paranormal: Young people from across North Jersey drive up to the isolated house on Clinton Road at all hours, but usually in the dead of night. They lean on car horns hoping, they have told police, that ghosts will appear. Nothing happens, except perhaps that the Paul McKinnon who lives in the house raises his sleep-lined face to the window. But the thrill-seekers aren't pacified. They make ghost-like howls, curse, hurl firecrackers, and throw beer bottles, the family says. One bottle pierced a bedroom window screen, landing next to Paul in bed. We've been to hell and back for years," said Kim McKinnon, 35. "It's got to stop, and we don't know how to stop it." Daughters Amanda, Katie, and Meaghan fear going to bed, their mother says. Sometimes, they wake up screaming, "'Mommy, the bad people are here!' " And more than once, the girls have called their mother at the supermarket where she works, pleading, " 'Mom, they're here. Come home. Help us,' " Kim McKinnon said.
The incidents become more frequent in the summer when school is out, police said. In the past two weeks, the McKinnons have filed 10 complaints. Township police Capt. James Dykstra said that one morning when Kim McKinnon called, he could hear horns blowing in the background. "It's mostly teens," Dykstra said. "They read that if they go by the house, ghosts will come out. But the only thing that is going to come out is the police." Officers have caught culprits from as far away as Carlstadt, Bloomfield, and West Paterson. They say one youth told them the home's address is on the Internet. The Record could not find an Internet site referring to the house. Police issue summonses for harassment, carrying a jail term and up to $500 in fines, and motor vehicle summonses for blowing a horn in order to annoy.
Meanwhile, the McKinnons wonder how the house they have rented for 15 years gained such notoriety. It once had a first-floor general store, but never a place in local folklore, the McKinnons, neighbors, and police say. "There was never any story about it being haunted," said Muriel Van Offeren, who has lived on Clinton Road since the 1930s. But there have always been yarns about monsters, maniacs, and murderers in the dark, dense woods along Clinton Road -- "It's a long, desolate stretch and makes the imagination nuts," police Lt. Gene Chiosi said.
When Paul and Kim McKinnon were teenagers in West Milford, a yeti, or abominable snowman, was said to live off Clinton Road. These days, some local teens tell of a boy and girl who run out of gas on the road one night. The girl finds the boy the next morning, dead and hanging from a tree above their car. "That's an old one," Paul McKinnon said.

Black pick up trucks chase you there's bones in the woods
"This is country living," said Paul McKinnon, 44, sitting with his wife and daughters in the living room, which has a large stone fireplace topped by a mounted head of a deer Paul killed hunting. "That's why I'm here." The family lives on the second floor, using a back entrance. The ground floor, facing the road, once was the store and now is used for storage. Knowing the dark and dusty storage area may make the house appear abandoned, Paul McKinnon keeps his black pickup truck parked in front. And, at the urging of police, the family last year gave the house a fresh coat of white paint and green trim to make it appear an unlikely home for ghosts. They have tried all-night floodlights and one year even put up Christmas lights to discourage troublemakers. But nothing has helped, the McKinnons say. Now black helicopters, that might be interesting.

You'll be chased by a hell hound
People who don't live in woodsy areas are not usually familiar with the woods. The woods in this area are inhabbited by bears and bobcats among other animals. Is it possible a stray dog is what really chased you?

The Castle
Cross Castle, built in 1907 as the Tudor Revival mansion of Richard F. Cross, was the most impressive estate in West Milford at one time. Sold to the City of Newark in 1919, the building has deteriorated to a shell of its former grandeur.
The Castle is no longer standing - it was apparently pulled down as it was attracting kids and I assume the NWCDC was concerned about lawsuits. When I last looked at it (around 1995) all that was left was a clearing full of rubble. They had also built a beach on Hank's Pond as well as a beach house, to bring disadvantaged city kids up to the woods. That building has also been torn down. This is now Watershed property

Dead bodies in the woods
In the 1980s, the body of one victim of serial killer Richard Kuklinski (who worked for Gotti), known as the Iceman, was found off Clinton Road

At 2:10 in the morning of December 10, 1999 a fire occurred at Clinton Motel on Clinton Road in the Township of West Milford. The fire displaced people in ten units as well as the owner and family. The fire appears to have been caused by an extension cord. Working smoke detectors alerted the occupants to evacuate and no one was hurt. No reports of arson