Tapout Promotions throws shows and does bookings for a roster of entertainers
Upcoming Tapout thrown shows
@ The Underscore -1733 First Ave
btwn 89+90th St in NYC

Fri Aug 10            {7pm,  $5}
Melissa Giges, Anna Yvette,
Brett Aaron, Ande Sedwick, Phil

Thurs 8/23            {7pm, $5}
Lauren Hunt, Natalie Gelman,
Ian Benardo, Johnny Blue, more

Thurs 9/6 @ The Underscore
alternative rock legends
tickets on sale now - $15

9/7 @ Boys&Girls Club
490 Midland Ave - Garfield NJ

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August 5
Some huge names announced for the Pro Wrestling Syndicate wrestling event taking place on Friday night September 7 in Garfield NJ including former WWE/ECW stars Sabu + Justin Credible, wrestling legend Lanny Poffo, TNA superstars Samoa Joe, Abyss, and Jay Lethal, plus lots more. Head over to www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.com for more info. Tickets are on sale now starting at $10 !

July 19
.. Just some quick notes. Hip Hop show this Saturday July 21 at The Cup in Linden NJ featuring Low N B Hold, The Pickle Factory, The Wrist, Scrabble Kings, Knowledge, and more starting at 10pm. This is a 21+ show and is just $5. There is also a whole second floor of local rock bands performing and some other surpises as well.

I was taking the summer off with shows, however there will be two August shows at The Underscore in NYC which will be annoucned in the coming days.

Friday September 7 marks the return of Pro Wrestling Syndicate to The Garfield Boys and Girls Club on 490 Midland Ave in Garfield NJ. That's just 30 minutes from NYC via the train. PWS will provide free transportation from the Garfield train station to the venue and back! To get to the event from NYC just go to Penn Station, take the NJ line train to Secaucus, transfer in Secaucus to Garfield, and you're there. 30 minutes total, just $5 train ticket. Already announced for that event is TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe and former CZW Champion Eddie Kingston against Commissioner Necro Butcher and former CZW Champion Chris Hero in a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match. Also announced is former TNA Champion Abyss against former Jersey All Pro Champion Monsta Mack, plus TNA star "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal against wrestling legend "The Genius" Lanny Poffo, former ECW Champion Justin Credible against Reckless Youth, and more. Head over to www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.com for more info. Tickets are currently on sale starting at just $10.

DVD's from Pro Wrestling Syndicate's June 24 event will be available for sale on this website real soon.

The night before, Thursday September 6, alternative rock legends Dramarama return to NYC for a live show at The Underscore on 1733 First Ave. Tickets are on sale now for $15.

More news to come including some stuff regarding this year's Ghouls Night Out Halloween show.

July 4
... Happy 4th...
It's official...GHOULS NIGHT OUT II will be taking place on October 30 + 31 at The Underscore in NYC! Expect this year's show to blow last's out of the water. Acts will be announced in the coming weeks. To check out last year's Ghouls Night Out, click HERE.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate returns to Garfield, NJ (30 min from NYC) on Friday night September 7 featuring Commissioner Necro Butcher, Former TNA Champion Abyss, Former ECW Champion Justin Credible, 2x former ECW Champion Sabu, former TNA X Division Champion Jay Lethal, former CZW Champion Chris Hero, former CZW Champion Eddie Kingston, former JCW Champion Reckless Youth, and lots more. Check out www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.com for more info and tix.

June 27
Just a quick note...taking the summer off from throwing shows. There will be one show on Saturday July 21 at The Cup in Linden NJ which will be a two floor show with hip hop on one floor and singer/songwriters on the other. Other then that Tapout Promotions will not be having any shows until the fall...including the next Pro Wrestling Syndicate event which goes down on Friday night September 7 in Garfield, NJ. Check out www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.com for more.
All music artists are still available for bookings throughout the summer.

June 17
Next Sunday, June 24 is the debut live event of Pro Wrestling Syndicate, taking place at The Boys & Girls Club on 490 Midland Ave in Garfield, NJ (30 minutes from NYC).
The action starts in the ring before the 3pm bell even sounds as hip hop stars Pumpkinhead, Low N B Hold, The Pickle Factory, Fingaz, and Born Talent will be performing live!

The live wrestling action starts at 3pm featuring:
former TNA X Divison Champion Samoa Joe going one on one against the self proclaimed "savior of pro wrestling" , Chris Hero
a 4 Corner No DQ Elimination Match featuring former TNA Champion Abyss, New England monster Michael Sane, former CZW Champion Eddie Kingston, and Steve "Monsta" Mack!
TNA star Alex Shelley vs WSX star Human Tornado vs former JCW Champion Trent Acid in a 3 Way Dance
The ECW Zombie makes his first pro wrestling appearance since his debut as the first wrestler to enter the ring in the new ECW on Sci Fi one year ago to face the angry 6'11" giant Malta The Damager
WWE Legend "The Birdman" Koko B Ware will be in singles action against "The Anamoly" Niles Young who will have "The Queen Of The Cat Fight" Noel Harlow with him at ringside.
"The King Of The Indies" Reckless Youth goes one on one against former ECW Champion Justin Credible
One of New England's rising stars Jason Blade will square off against one of the Tri State area's fastest rising stars Danny Demanto, who will have Talia Madison in his corner
Plus tag team warfare as the BX's Outcast Killahs; Diablo Santiago and Oman Tortuga waige war against The Canadian Superstars Dave Kole and J-Busta
PLUS ..if that's still not enough;
intermission will be the furthest thing from a boring wait on a bathroom line as New York Hardcore veterans Subzero will be performing LIVE .... PLUS .... pro wrestling legends Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas, Koko B Ware, and another surprise WWE Legend will be signing autographs at ringside!
and since everyone loves surprises.... the still unrevealed Pro Wrestling Syndicate Commissioner will be making their pressence known in Garfield NJ as he/she will be unrevealed live.
don't miss out...tickets are currently on sale and moving fast . To order your tickets, simply click right HERE. Tickets range from $10-20 and will be sent directly to you, FOR FREE, from the ticket agency!

For more on Pro Wrestling Syndicate...please head over to the PWS website at www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.com or visit our Myspace at www.Myspace.com/ProWrestlingSyndicate.

June 9
Some new Buckout Rd photos posted up. Fun hardcore show last night at The Underscore with 25 Ta Life. Not too sure the upper east side was ready for the NYHC kung fu dance floor extravaganza, but it's all good. Tonight at The Underscore is a more relaxed show with Angela Severiano, David Aaron, Juanita Constatin, and more featuring a special surprise guest from the UK. Sunday night at 6pm will be an all ages show at The Underscore with Anybody Killa, RA The Rugged Man, PunchYourFace, Ajax, Reflookoo Jambee, and more.

May 25
The full length Later Never Comes cd and a Bed Of Nailz compilation cd are set to be released on August 8.

May 24
Tapout Promotions singer songwriter show tonight at The Underscore on 1733 First Ave in NYC with performances by Lauren Hunt, Johnny Blue, Monica Allison, Katie Arnold, and Ande Sedwick starting at 7pm for just $5 at the door!

May 14
Show this coming Friday night at The Redzone in Middle Village, Queens with Pumpkinhead, Torae, Low N B Hold, Knowledge, Fingaz, BLO, and more starting at 8pm. 18+, $10.

May 2
Show this coming Saturday, May 5 at The Underscore located at 1733 First Ave between 89th and 90th Street in Manhattan featuring 2007 American Idol star Marisa Rhodes, FHM Girl Bombshell Mel, Angela Severiano, America's Most Talented Kids finalist Ashlhey Rose, Randy Mason, Uppanotch, and more. Show starts at 8pm and is just $10.

Thurs April 26
Underground hip hop legend RA The Rugged Man has been added to the June 10 all ages show with Psychopathic Records artist Any Body Killa at The Underscore in NYC.

DJ Stacey Stylez has joined the Tapout Artist Roster. You can now book DJ Stacey Stylez for your next party through this site.

Wed April 10
Certified Gold hip hop star + actor Drag-On has joined the Tapout Artist Roster, which means you can now book Drag-On for your next event right here! Drag-On contributed to DMX's first two multi platinum albums, the first Ruff Ryders album, and also dropped two solo full lengths including his 2000 release The Opposite Of H2O which is certified US Gold and peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Charts. On screne, Drag-On was featured in Cradle 2 The Grave, Exit Wounds, and The Hustle.

Fri April 7
Lots of new names added to the Artist Roster.
Also, the live shows at Vintage in White Plains, NY resume tonight with performances by Pete Yorn and Jesse Malin starting at 8pm. $30 at door.

Thurs April 6
New Tour packages announced including The Reality Rap World Tour featuring The Infamous Mobb, Big Noyd, and Illah Gee which kicks off in May. Starting in July is The Essence US Tour featuring Poison Pen, Born Talent, Pumpkinhead, and Radix.

PWS returns to Garfield NJ on September 7
Dramarama at The Underscore in NYC on September 6