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Pro Wrestling Syndicate "Saved By The Ring Bell"
Friday September 14th - Rahway NJ - live on iPPV
Saved By The Bell's "Mr Belding"
television star DENNIS HASKINS

"The Total Package" Lex Luger

Sami Callihan vs Kevin Matthews (c)

Anthony Nese (c) vs Matt Hardy

Demolition vs The Powers Of Pain

Necro Butcher vs Devon Moore

SM2 (c) with Brittney Savage  vs
The Phat Pack vs Enhancement Talent
vs The Great Outdoors

Shockwave The Robot vs The Goon

The Big O with Ashley Massaro
vs Q.T. Marshall

Apollyon vs AR Fox vs  
Lucifer Darksyde vs Rich Swann vs
Samuray Del Sol vs T.D.S.

Freight Train vs Dynomite

Velvet Sky, Juliana Faye, Ox Baker, more
Below we will detail each one of these
matches, explain their importance and
what you can expect to see live on
September 14th whether you will
there live in Rahway NJ or watching
live on Internet Pay Per View.

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A look at just a few of the past events which have transpired
at PWS taking us to "Saved By The Ring Bell"
From the very start of PWS in 2007 ownership has always installed
Guest Commissioners on events. This is just one of many things
that differentiates PWS from other wrestling promotions.  The role
of The Guest Commissioner is to serve as the ruling authority
figure at the event. They are in full control.

Past PWS Guest Commissioners have included Bret Hart,
Mick Foley, The Iron Sheik, Road Dogg, Jimmy Hart, Bill Apter, and
The Shockmaster amongst others.

While the above names are house hold names in the world of
wrestling, PWS has chosen to go a different route with its upcoming
event. With The September 14th event hitting right around Back To
School time, whom better than the most beloved television
principal of all time to serve as the Guest PWS Commissioner .  
We are thrilled to welcome Saved By The Bell's "Mr Belding" star
Dennis Haskins to serve as PWS Guest Commissioner on Sept 14th.
Two of the hardest hitting wrestlers on the entire independent scene
square off in a Falls Count Anywhere Match with the PWS
Heavyweight Championship and a lot of bad blood hanging in the
balance.  Reality Check's Matthews knocked out iconic boxing super
heavyweight Butterbean to obtain The PWS gold in 2010. The
unpredictable Matthews was soon after stripped of the belt. This led
to a Title Tournament for the vacated belt which was won by Reality
Check's Devon Moore whom defeated Sami Callihan in the finals.   
Callihan fought his way to a victorious #1 Contendership Match
against Dan Maff. Following Sami's victory, Devon Moore shockingly
cashed in his Title DEFENSE.  A weakened Sami overcame the odds of
not only a fresh Moore but multiple Reality Check ambushes to
capture the belt.  Click
HERE for video

Sami went on to successfully defend against Colt Cabana and Reality
Check's Jay Lethal before falling victim to Matthews on June 2nd in a
bloody Ladder Match.  Now on September 14th Sami will attempt to be
a 2x Heavyweight Champion by winning the belt back from reigning
champion Matthews.  Will Matthews once again defeat Sami and
retain or will Sami once again beat the odds and capture the belt?
Watch live to find out !
"The Premiere Athlete" Anthony Nese made a strong PWS debut by
becoming the first PWS Tri State Champion after pinning Shiima
Xion in a Suicidal Six Way Match to capture the belt at Spring Break
Showdown in March 2011.  Click
HERE for video.
Since then Nese debuted on TNA Impact, has successfully
defended the belt against Amazing Red, Azrieal, Rich Swann, and
countless others, as well as went to toe to toe with the legendary
Great Muta and All Japan Jr Heavyweight Champion KAI.

Opposing Nese in this Title defense is one of the most recognizable
stars on the planet, Matt Hardy.  The former WWE Intercontinental
Champion made a strong PWS debut in March 2012 by pinning Jay
Lethal. Since then he has brought his daredevil style to the ring
against Colt Cabana and Teddy Hart.

Now on 9/14 - two of the best pound for pound technical high flyers
collide for the first time and only one will walk out as Champion.
The two most recognizable active Tag Teams of All Time collide in a
Special Attraction Legends Match as it will be Ax & Smash
collectively known as Demolition facing off against their rivals
Warlord & Barbarian, The Powers Of Pain !

Demolition has been seen in PWS dating back to 2009 and most
recently in May 2012, while Powers Of Pain made easy work of The
Lone Rangers in March 2012 in Rahway NJ to thunderous cheers.

The fans asked for it ... the fans are getting it

Two of the most legendary Tag Teams of All Time collide

September 14th in Rahway NJ and live on iPPV .
Two of the craziest brawlers both of whom debuted in PWS back in
2007 and have waged war against each other several times in the
past will go at it one more time as 2x PWS Champion Devon Moore
of Reality Check battles the iconic hardcore star The Necro Butcher.

These two last met at PWS Ct Carnage during a second round Title
Tournament in 2010 which saw an epic battle unfold which spread
all over the building and parking lot.  This time, the mayhem must
be contained to the ring which should lead to an all out fight.

Necro:  hard hitting former US Army soldier, weapons specialist, will
put his own body at risk to take out an opponent

Devon:    hard hitting former Golden Gloves boser, weapons
specialist, will put his own body at risk to take out an opponent.
An epic battle with no limitations
A Match Of The Year Candidate of technical warfare
One of the greatest possible nostalgic Tag Team matches
An all out bloody  fight between two warriors wanting to
kill each other
Could there be a wackier match up ?

PWS once again serves up its dosage of fun matches in the vein of
last event's epic Phantasio vs Simon Dean encounter.

This time PWS has tracked down former WWE Superstar the
menacing ex hockey star The Goon whom will take on returning
PWS star Shockwave The Robot !

The Goon is a WWE veteran whom also has legendary service time
in AWA & WCW.    Shockwave has wrestled across the globe
including having some epic matches in Japan.

It's wrestlers versus robots in this one where ... we're not even
sure what to expect however at the same time are very much
looking forward to see what pans out.
A menacing hockey playing former WWE star fighting a
dancing robot.  Sheer entertainment at its finest.
Newly crowned PWS Tag Team Champions SM2 (Mark Modest &
Mike Matix) managed by Brittney Savage are hosting a Tag Team
Title Invitational Match in an attempt to establish that they are the
most dominant team in PWS.  

Challengers include:

The Phat Pack:   The nearly 1,000 pound combination of DJ Phat Pat
and "The Samoan Mastadon" Fala with manager Ox Baker. Two
colossal big boys that enjoy squashing the competition.

Enhancement Talent:   Jobber Justin and Jobber Dustin will
continue to attempt to prove that they are not of jobber status.

The Great Outdoors:  The popular combination of "Manscout" Jake
Manning and lumberjack Grizzly Redwood.

Will other Tag Teams get involved ?  Can SM2 take out everyone?
Watch live to find out!
Another classic PWS Suicidal Six Way Match.  
These epic battles are fan favorites and this time the winner will
become The #1 Contender to The PWS Tri State Title.

AR Fox:   Popular breathtaking high flyer

Apollyon:   300+ pound human wrecking ball that moves around like
a man 200 pounds lighter.

Lucifer Darksyde:   482 pounder that hits spin kicks, top rope DDT's,
and a massive top rope moonsault

Samuray Del Sol:  International breathtaking high flyer

The Dynamic Sensation:  Returning to action for the first time in 2
years since suffering injury - high flying & technical wizard

Rich Swann:   taking the place of Taka Suzuki whom is currently in
Japan is "Mr Standing 450" Rich Swann; one of the best high flyers
in the world.
Several Tag Teams trying to outdo one another to walk
out as Tag Team Champions
Six guys doing anything they can in attempt to steal the
show and become #1 Contender to The Tri State Title
Without question one of the fastest growing popular stars in PWS is
Long Island's The Big O.   O has a growing cult following after
gaining worldwide exposure on WWE star Zack Ryder's internet tv
show.   O has been successful thus far in PWS , plowing through
the competition since his March 2012 debut.
Joining O will be fellow Long Islander,  former WWE Diva and
Playboy cover girl, Ashley Massaro !

On the opposite of the ring is suave talking Latino star Q.T.
Marshall.   Marshall has been getting under fans' skin since his
PWS debut earlier this year , but to fair to Mr Marshall (and that's
pronounced 'Mar-shell' by the way) he has also been impressing
fans with his technical in ring work.

Two guys each looking to get ahead and a victory over the other
can accomplish that.
A hated guy and a popular guy both trying to pick up a
victory.  Should be a good trade off of back & forth
wrestling here.
For fans not familiar . . .

"Five Dollar Wrestling" is an independent promotion run by High
Spots which features a cluster of very entertaining young

PWS was the first independent promotion to begin featuring Five
Dollar Wrestling matches on its main shows beginning on June 1st
and continuing on June 2nd with the epic Title war between the
popular Freight Train and the rhythmic dancing Dynomite.

On June 1st Freight Train was victorious , but on June 2nd it was
Dynomite whom picked up the victory.  Now on September 14th it's
the rubber match between these two internet legends.

Will Dynomite capture the belt
or will Freight Train "kaboom his ass"?
A very memorable encounter.

Timmy Aiight vs The One Warrior Nation


Former WCW Heavyweight Champion & WWE Superstar:  "The Total Package" Lex Luger

The PWS return of former TNA Knock out   Talia "Velvet Sky" Madison

and more

PLUS -  The PWS Wrestling School Class of 2012 Student Battle Royal !

On June 11th PWS opened its own wrestling school in Rahway NJ and now after several months of training
fans will get to have their first look at PWS' first crop of wrestling school students whom will be making their
very first professional wrestling appearance !