PWS NY State Champion Tony Nese with Bill Apter
Bill Apter presents Tony Nese with The NY State Title!
Legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter served as PWS Guest
Commissioner at Spring Break Showdown in May 2011 at Center
Island Sports in Long Island, NY.  At this event , Apter introduced
the brand new PWS NY State Championship which was awarded
to "The Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese to a standing ovation after
he was victorious in a Suicidal Six Way Match which also
included "The Ariel Assault Assassin" Javi Air,  Pinkie Sanchez,
Shiima Xion, Joel Maximo, and Brian XL.

As a result of PWS' very positive response to this exciting match,
it has now been decided that The PWS NY State Title Division will
be contested under Suicidal Six Way rules from this point
forward! To the best of our knowledge, no wrestling promotion in
the history of Pro Wrestling has ever had a Six Way
Championship, this is the first.
On Friday May 27 at PWS Refuse To Lose II,  Tony Nese will once again enter a Suicidal Six Way Match as he will be
defending his newly won PWS NY State Title.   The other five entrants for this exciting Suicidal Six Way NY State Title Match
are Brian XL,  "The Ariel Assault Assassin" Javi Air,  "Mr Standing 450" Rich Swann,  El Gran Demono, and The Amazing Red!

Which of these six men will walk away with The PWS NY State Title on May 27?  One thing is however a guarantee: this
match is sure to be feature a lot of high speed, high flying, and amazing technical maneuvers as is features six of the best
high flying & technically sound wrestling stars in the country.
PWS Tag Team Champions The Urban Legends
The popular PWS Tag Team of Wes Draven & Devious, collectively known as The
Urban Legends have remained undefeated for the past two years since their debut at
Pro Wrestling Syndicate.

The Urban Legends, managed by Sony Records hip hop star Poison Pen won The
PWS Tag Team Title Tournament which featured such talented tag teams as
The SAT,  Azrieal & Grim Reefer,  Air-O-Dynamic, The Manitoba Maulers, and multi
time WWE Tag Team Champions Demolition (Ax & Smash) amongst others.

Since winning the belts, The Urban Legends have successfully defended their Titles
against The Best Around, The Outlaws From Hell,  Da Hoodz, and The BQE amongst

Now on May 27, The Urban Legends will compete in a Tag Team Gauntlet Match
where they will have to defend their Titles against several tag teams in succession!
Already announced to take part in this Tag Team Gauntlet Match are the 902 pound Nigerian Nightmares Maifu & Saifu.   Will the sheer brute force and
size of The Nightmares be enough to capture the Titles?  Or will it be the tandem of Timmy Aiight & Joe Ayyo whom have been plowing through the PWS
Tag Team ranks with their eyes set on the belts.    Ayyo Aiight were supposed to receive a Title shot against The Urban Legends at PWS Spring Break
Showdown, however Timmy Aiight never made it to the event. Instead, Ayyo was forced to team with the drunken absimal Kronik The Clown which
resulted in a quick loss.  Ayyo voiced his frustrations however by beating Kronik senselessly with a metal pipe.   What will happen with Joey Ayyo and
Timmy Aiight?  Is there an inner tension between these two or will their respected anger and dedication be enough for them to coexist and finally
capture the tag team belts?   Lots of questions to be answered on May 27.  Another big question mark will be the health of Wes Draven whom recently
broke his jaw during a match.   With so many questions in the air and the Titles on the line,  anything can happen at PWS Refuse To Lose II on May 27.
WSU Women's Tag Titles on the line:  Belle Saints vs The Boston Shore 5/27!
PWS is one again happy to feature WSU
Women's Wrestling on its next event on
May 27 in Queens, NY.

The WSU Tag Team Champion Belle
Saints (Marti Belle & Tina SanAntonio)
will defend their Tag Team Titles against
The Boston Shore (Amber & Alexxis

Which team will be victorious as NY
battles Boston off the baseball field and
in the ring with the gold on the line?!
In another exciting WSU
Women's Match, it will be the
rookie sensation Nikki Styx
colliding with Brittney Savage!

Which of these two women will
walk away on top on Friday
night May 27 at Refuse To Lose
II at The Queens Elks Lodge on
8220 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst
NY ?!
"The Samoan Mastadon" FALA
One of the most popular wrestlers in PWS the 420 pound "Samoan Mastadon" from 10 miles South of
Parts Unknown on the exotic island of Belleville, New Jersey ... known simply as Fala.

Since enlisting the managerial services of Wrestling Legend and master of the lethal Heart Punch, Ox
Baker, this dancing behemoth has been climbing the ranks of PWS picking up victories over former TNA X
Division Champion Robbie E,  CZW mastermind DJ Hyde, and former WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra.

On the other side of the coin is a man whom is livid after failing to ever come up with a Win at Pro Wrestling
Syndicate.  This man is none other than "The Prince Of Old School" , "Big Juicy",  Justin Corino whom most
recently fell short to wrestling legend Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake at PWS Spring Break Showdown.  

Now Corino has gone out and hired a bodyguard in the form of the 502 moonsaulting powerhouse Lucifer
Darksyde!  Will Darksyde's services help Corino overcome the odds or will Fala's winning streak continue
after he faces Corino on May 27 ?!
'From Your Girlfriend's
Bedroom' .. "The Prince
Of Old School" , "Big
Juicy" Justin Corino (left)

and his new massive
bodyguard Lucifer
Darksyde (right)
MICK FOLEY has been named The Special Guest PWS Commissioner for PWS' Refuse To Lose II event on
Friday May 27 in Queens, NY.    PWS has had an a wide array of Guest Commissioners over the past four years
Necro Butcher, Jimmy Hart, The Iron Sheik, Road Dogg, The Pope, and Bill Apter.   While there are few
similarities between these distinguished individuals, one common theme has been that NONE of them have been
able to control the powerful clique known as Reality Check.   

PWS' resident badasses
Kevin Matthews, Danny Demanto, Velvet Sky, Alexa Thatcher, and reigning PWS
Devon Moore have been wreaking sheer havoc in PWS since day one and have overcame any
obstacles put in their way, most recently seen at PWS Spring Break Showdown where Moore, Matthews, and
Demanto picked up a huge win in a Six Man Tag Team Match against the self proclaimed 'originators'
Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X Pac

Reality Check's shenanigans have included vicious beatdowns on wrestling stars such as
Vampiro, Jerry Lynn,
The Zombie, B-Boy
, and Butterbean (none of which have been seen in PWS since),  the recruitments of part time
RC members such as The Wrestler film star
Tommy Suede and former WWE diva Terri Runnels,  crashing
Timmy Aiight's Bikini Contest, impersonating former PWS Commissioners, and injuring The Dynamic Sensation
courtesy of a Kevin Matthews table set up followed by a near 300 pound Danny Demanto balcony dive crushing
TDS' chest at PWS Vendetta.

May 27 will be the first time ALL FIVE of Reality Check's members will be present at a PWS event, so
Commissioner Foley will surely have his hands full.  However, if anyone is cut out to be in this position it certainly
is the 3 Time WWE Heavyweight Champion, The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley!
Danny Demanto with Velvet Sky
former PWS Commissioner
The Iron Sheik
Wrestling Legend Jerry Lynn left
a bloody mess with a broken
nose after not accepting an
invitation to join Reality Check
REALITY CHECK:    Reigning PWS Champion Devon Moore,  Former PWS
Champion Kevin Matthews,  "The Cold Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto,
Talia "Velvet Sky" Madison, and Devon Moore's girlfriend Alexa Thatcher!
One of the most feared and recognizable wrestlers EVER in the history of Professional
Wrestling is headed to Pro Wrestling Syndicate at Refuse To Lose II on May 27.

The 6'9" , 319 pound, Power Bombing wrecking machine has a long list of Pro Wrestling
accomplishments including being both a Two Time WCW Heavyweight Champion and a
Two Time WWE Heavyweight Champion.

What's even perhaps more, shall we say psychotic, about Sid is that even with all of his
time in professional wrestling, this monster has not lost a step.  Sid is
still the same brutal man in excellent shape as he always was.

He comes to PWS looking to take out of New York's absolute toughest
men in the form of "The Last Of A Dying Breed"
Eddie Kingston!
As menacing as Sid may be,  Eddie Kingston has been in PWS since
Day One in 2007 and has put up stiff fights against a wide array of stars
in PWS such as
Samoa Joe, Necro Butcher, and the legendary Kamala!
The rhythmic duo of Joe Ayyo and Timmy Aiight, collectively known logically
as Ayyo-Aiight recently earned a PWS Tag Title show against the
Urban Legends after successfully teaming with Fala and
Kenny Doane & The Boston Hoodz at PWS CT Carnage, the same
PWS event where
Nick FN Gage gave a savage beating to Ayyo including the
usage of a singapore cane, light tubes, and a staple gun.  While Gage was
beating down Ayyo, Aiight was nowhere to be found.

Ayyo Aiight were booked to take on the champion Urban Legends at Spring
Break Showdown, however Timmy Aiight didn't show up.  

This led to Joe Ayyo being forced to team with PWS' resident unfunny
alcoholic has-been clown,
Kronik.  Needless to say things did not fair well
for Mr. Ayyo, whom eventually just snapped.  What does the future hold for
these two?

Will Ayyo Aiight continue their tag team ways and potentially become PWS
Tag Team Champions, or are things between these two just simply not
While the PWS Spring Break Showdown match
up between international stars
and LOW KI garnered a lot of buzz
as being a Match Of The Year Candidate,  PWS
Officials have deemed another match as PWS'
Best Match thus far in 2011.

At CT Carnage,  "The Boricua Beast"
squared off against "The New Horror"
SAMI CALLIHAN in Round Two of The Majestic
Twelve Title Tournament.   This epic First Time
Ever Match served up 20 minutes of stiff  hard
hitting which  left both of these warriors
battered and bruised with EMT's giving medical
attention to both. Maff vs Callihan at PWS
CT Carnage proved to be PWS' best match
thus far.  

Therefore ... it will happen again!

On May 27 at PWS Refuse To Lose II, it will be
Maff vs Callihan in a Rematch only this time it
will be competed under TEXAS DEATH MATCH
Rules, with the winner getting a PWS Title
Shot against PWS Champion
Devon Moore!

PWS superstar "M-Dogg
20" Matt Cross
is featured
on WWE's latest season of
their hit reality show
Tough Enough where
contestants compete to
win a WWE contract!
Best of luck to Matt Cross as he pursues
his dream to be a WWE star on this season
of Tough Enough which is hosted by
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin.