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"Well I've only been laid twice in my life but it's not that bad. Acadamia is not all it's cracked up to be." Milo
The Descendents
"Those girls in Bikini Kill are a bunch of assholes. Complained about everything, they didn't get paid enough. Fuck that band. No wonder Courtney punched that chick out" Fat Mike
"We're here tonight to support our friends in D Generation":
Joey Ramone

"And we get free drinks so
that's always a plus":
Dee Dee Ramone
"I didn't miss WWF while I was gone if I did I would have called them; they called me":
Shawn Michaels
"I write. Then I spend a few hours a day pondering my purpose. If I'm not high then I get there quickly. Mid day Im engrossed in several game systems for about 2 hours killing,my fav video games are killing games.I call a few people randomly and talk bullshit (absolute strangers). I do rap for a living so it can get boring quickly. So fun parks are a must on dust!Ive already shot two loads somewhere throughout the course of the day.":


"Basically I went around and stole all the members from existing bands. Everything we got, we stole, tape duplication was free, getting our video done was free. It's great, haha":
Coolie Ranx
The Pilfers/Toasters
"We lived in New Brunswick for two years and the landlord was an asshole and he tried to sue us over some crap so we ended up trashing the house. There was nothing left to trash so my friend Dave from Lifetime found a toilet in the basement and carried the thing all the way up to the roof. So we threw the porcelain toilet off the roof and were like, ‘lets write a song":
Pete, The Bouncing Souls

- "Well most people will still think of me as the teenage girl from Brooklyn who sang pop songs, but a lot of them don’t know that I actually produced the Circle Jerks album and did backup vocals for Keith Morris." Deborah Gibson


"We want to be on MTV2 but Victory
Records won't let us make a video because we
won't bend over and let them fuck us in our asses":
"The main difference between now and back in the day is that now the girls all want to ride on top":
Iggy Pop
"Man, I fucking hate Warped Tour more than anything on earth. That is the absolute worst thing that has happened to music" Dan, Until The End/Eulogy Records

"In my honest opinion, George W. Bush should have killed himself in 1978" Rob, Anthrax