Getting to Know More about Gothic Lifestyle: Gothic Fictions

As we know the weird associations with the word “goth” are mostly presumptuous in varying levels, but in order to know more about goth, gothic lifestyle and gothic culture, the best a person can do is to dip into the world of Gothic Fiction. Fiction in any field is a place of interest and imagination, two things goth people swear by.

When we think about Gothic literature, a classic example would be Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering heights”. This is a novel, which is romantic in its heart, and a wonderful masterpiece has essential gothic elements strewn into its core. Other famous novels include Frankestine, Jane Eyre, Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Grey and many more. Gothic fiction is intentionally dark, with a somber ambiance and has bouts of paranormal elements as well. All these novels are wonderful works of literature that are an amalgamation of all these points. Many of them serve as an inspiration for creating modern video games. There are even slots that feature spooky and dark themes that you can try out for free by claiming a real money bonus deal from many casino sites. A perfect time to spend an afternoon for those of you that enjoy the darker things in life.

Gothic Short Stories: Scary, Horror, Dark, Creepy, Eerie Tales

When gothic novels can be so popular, why can’t gothic horror stories get some of the esteemed fame? Being Gothic generally refers to an eerie form of imagination, which has bad lighting for some abrupt reason in these gothic horror stories. But in the heart, any gothic novel or gothic horror stories, speak the same language, of imagination and acceptance.

Some of the most famous gothic short stories are:

  1. The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell
  2. The Haunted Inheritance by Edith Nesbitt
  3. The Bird in the garden by Richard Middleton
  4. Good Lady Ducayne by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  5. The Adventure of the Speckled Bird by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of the classic elements that you would find in these stories, is the presence of a supernatural entity, ghosts or an entity that you would deem to be more creepy than scary. There is an environment of skepticism, morbid darkness and uncertainty, all being factors adding to the Gothic community.

My Personal Choice of Horror Movies

We all love horror movies, me being a huge fan of them. Horror movies have the same elements as gothic horror stories and literature, and here is a list of the top five horror movies, some are southern that I have loved over the years.

  1. The Conjuring-Because of the true story bit, and sheer brilliance after a long time of sloppy horror movies.
  2. Pet Sematary– It’s a Stephen King novel after all.
  3. The Orphan– The creepiest and gut-wrenching movie in the list.
  4. The Ring– The tense atmosphere still gives me chills
  5. The Omen– A classic, after all.

To add, if you’re looking for the best horror tv or online shows, you can go for the ‘Haunting of the Hill House’ which is one of the best in recent times.

My Top 5 Online Horror Classic Games

When we are talking about the horror genre, why not include amazing spooky horror games, that you can play for free using casino bonuses on online casino sites. The five best spooky horror games are:

  • Until Dawn
  • Silent Hill 2
  • Real spooky slots
  • Resident evil
  • Eternal darkness

Most of these games are general horror or spooky games, but amongst them, the Real Spooky Online slots is an online casino slots game where you can play by casino bonus amount and win real money for yourself. Hop over to these guys to get the best free bonus codes from online casinos. There are a number of online slots games on online casinos where you can get a casino bonus,on legal casinos sites, which will help you to start the game without having to add any real money by yourself. It does sound like a real deal, all of these amazing slot games on these legal casinos sites.

Ultimate True Events Spooky Stories

If you are a fan of gothic horror stories, literature, and fiction, then you should also love real horror stories. The movies where it shows us that they were based on real events, creeps the hell out of us for most cases. If you want to hear some innovative creepy horror stories then you should go looking for them on various online forums, and even on Quora, where you can get yourself a bit of chill for the time.

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