Best Spooky Stories

Scary stories, if they’re Real, are twice scary. These are some of the most horrifying among the users left in a Reddit entry titled: “In The Spirit of Halloween: whether or not paranormal, what has been the most terrifying, horrifying or disconcerting experience of your life? “Forget the old witch stories; this shit could happen to you.

  1. I looked out the window, and then I saw him

I was 19. One night I came home from work very tired and went to the direct room to put on my pajamas. I started undressing and looked out the window to see my reflection, but what I saw was a man’s face. I hit the ground, scared, and turned off the light as I could, so at least he couldn’t see me anymore. While I was trying to get back into hysterical clothes, I saw that there was no face in the window anymore, but a camera. A fucking camera, focusing on me while I was trying to react. I got shot out of the room and alerted my mother and my brother, who went out into the garden and found the ladder we had in our garage leaning against my window. But there was no one there. I couldn’t sleep for a year, staring at that window. I wonder who has that video now.

  1. It was too late to help her

I was working at a medical emergency switchboard when this story happened to me. Around three in the morning, we called an elderly lady saying that he was not well. I tried to get more information about the symptoms as indicated in the protocol, but she was just saying, ” I’m not feeling well, can you send someone to help me? “He gave me his address and number and told me that there was no one at home, but that the door was open so that the doctors could come in. After a minute he said to me that he was going to the bathroom and that he was leaving the phone for a moment, I asked him to tell me what exactly happened to him before we sent him an ambulance. She told me she was going to the bathroom for a minute, and I never heard her again.

Two more minutes passed, and I was called by one of the assistants who had already arrived at the woman’s house, and her tone of voice gave me a bad feeling immediately. “Emergency… how exactly was the call received? “I explained to her that she had been the patient herself from the landline, and he didn’t answer me directly, but he used his cell phone to call the office as if he didn’t want to be heard on the radio. “Are you sure no other family member called or anything? “I explained that the call was made by the patient about 8 minutes ago, and I hallucinated what she said to me. “In the bathroom, but this woman is dead for at least 12 hours. We’ll need an agent to come here.”

  1. The voice that came from my childhood bear

My family and I were about to move out of the house we had lived in all our lives until I was 16. As you can imagine, we were sorry to leave so many memories behind. A few days before the move, I decided to look back on something I used to do as a child: get into the warehouse/closet under the stairs and start reading with a flashlight. There I felt like in a shelter, and as we kept a lot of quilts and stuffed animals, it was perfect for reclining and reading.

After half an hour, I moved a little to make myself comfortable, and suddenly I heard a soft, slow, ripped voice whispering in my ear, “You always make me happy.” The fright I got, I hit my head on the roof and almost broke the door to get out of there. After hyperventilating and explaining to my family why my face was white, we discovered that the voice came from the teddy bear they bought me when I was three and that he talks when you push his belly. I must have reclined on it unintentionally, but when I pressed it again, it never made any sound back.

  1. ‘Let me in; my husband wants to kill me.’

My sister had just had her first baby, her husband had a night shift, and she was home alone when this happened. At two in the morning someone knocked on your door with strength, and looking through the window, she saw a woman who asked that the leave enter. “My husband beat me up, beat me up… and now he’s looking for me, ” said the woman. My sister didn’t know what to do, because having a newborn in the House didn’t want to get involved, so she told her the best thing she could do for her was call the police. The woman said not to call the police to let her in. That’s when my sister got suspicious and told her she was going to call directly. When I got back to the door, the woman was gone. The police arrived a few minutes later and told him that the same thing had happened a few blocks down, in the same neighborhood. It turns out it was a technique they used to break into other people’s homes. This may be more common than I think, but knowing it was about to happen to my sister made me tremble.

  1. A night that disturbed me for years

This happened when I was about 8. My room was the only one facing the street at my house. One night my father woke me up and told me, firm but quietly, to get up, go to the bathroom and close the door. I listened to him grumbling about how tired I was and, without thinking about it, I fell completely asleep on the bathroom floor. The next morning, when I asked my mother what happened, she seemed confused. My father refused to wake me that night, and as much as I got frustrated and even cried because they didn’t believe me, I ended up forgetting that episode.

When I was already in high school, in one of those flashbacks that come to you from childhood, I asked my father again for that night that I still didn’t understand. This time my father said, ” Ha! I didn’t even know if you remembered that. “They had broken into the garage, and my father knew there was a stranger in our house, so he kept me safe without making a sound. They called the police, the guy got away and never got caught. But my parents didn’t want to terrorize me, so they pretended nothing had happened. It wouldn’t be paranormal, but it was certainly disturbing.