Buckout photos

“I live in white plains, and i have gone deep into the woods of Buckout.
We were at the cemetery and my girlfriend was climbing up the hill in the back of the cemetery, and she got to the top and
stopped, but she didnt move and we called out to her but she didnt move, so a few people go up there and do the exact same
thing. so as im climbing down, everyone starts screaming and runs down the hill. They said that there was people up there,
making weird low pitched growling noises and they were walking around each other but their features couldnt be made out,
then they all stopped and looked at my friends and girlfriend. My girlfriend said something about one of them looked like a
farmer and he was holding something.
Another time we were at that cemetery, we were just hanging out there and only half of us saw it but there was a woman on the
left part of the hill to the side/back in a white dress and she was just staring at us, so i started to walk towards her, and she
vanished in front of me, and half the people who could see it saw her vanish and the other people still never saw anything.
We went inside the mansion, and once we got inside, this feeling of cold death came over me, we walked through the house a
little bit and split up, we all stopped because a rocking chair was creaking in the next room and one by one our flashlights were
dying, so we start to make towards the exit when my friend susie said someone grabbed her shoulder and their hand was ice
cold, so we bolted out of there as fast as we could. another wierd thing is, the flashlights that died came back to life it the car.
Thats it”-Dan from white plains.

“In maybe 1981-81, Spring, jumped up on the wall of the
Buckout graveyard, and to my horror, not sure why it was
a horror though, all I saw a was a pit, with 2 shovels left
on the ground, a small pile of dirt, and Mary Buckout’s
empty grave. It was in the paper at the time. then I think
some else got snatched, unclear, but I still can’t sleep at
night. More tortures have occupied my soul for years,
Buckout nightmares mix with folk tales, rumors, and
possibilities, it is all too much. Just don’t, just don’t go up
there.” – anonymous
“Somewhere back in the 80’s, I took a hike on Buckout
Road, entering from the Silver Lake side, then
heading down that private road that branches off
where the old farm fence was. The one that was
always locked. But this time it wasn’t and the gate was
wide open.So I walked along the dirt road, then made
a quick right onto another one which led to a large
area of old abandoned cars that were set on fire once.
All that stood were rusted dark brown cars. There
must have been at least 30 of them scattered all over
the place as I walked another trail some ways”- Jay
“Man me and Kate had some freaky experiences up there.
One night I was driving, there and it looked as if there was
this drop off, like it was the end of the earth, and i totally
freaked out, and started screaming how I didn’t wanna
drive down farther. and everyone was persistent in me to
keep going, and I did a little further, and the car got stuck
and I swear to god I heard voices call out to us. Then a
second time we drove out there and kept up that path in
the day time, and came up to this old, eerie house
mansion like house, no cars, no nothing were up there,
and it seems like these faces were peering out the
windows at us, and I took back off in the car it was a long
time b4 i was able to go through there again. Eric it
freaked the f*** out of me”- Sara
“The story I remember about
the Barrymore house was
that someone in that house
had seen a ghost on one of
the rafters, days later the
rafter broke in the spot
where the ghost was seen
killing a house resident” –
“Had an scary experience with
some friends driving on that road in
the early 1970’s i was young and
what I experienced was scary me
and my friends swore never to go
again to that road I told the story to
my girlfriend and she decided to
look up buckout road I was
surprised to know it was an urban
legend but I believe all what
happened up there is true
something evil is there” – Carol
“About 2 year’s ago, my boyfriend at the time,
my best friend, my other friend, and myself all
went to Buckout. On our way there my friend
received a voice mail, but his phone didn’t
ring. We were about a mile away from the
entrance to Buckout, when we listened to the
message it was all static while someone or
something in the back round was saying “GO
BACK! GO BACK! BEWARE!” No one knew
we were going to Buckout, except for us, it
was a spur of the moment type thing. When
we got there, to the beginning of the road, the
light’s on the street went out, so it was pitch
black. We stopped in front of the graveyard,
and we were all looking to the left at it.
Someone or something knocked on the
passanger window, where I was sitting. We
all jumped and looked, no one was there. We
left there & I haven’t gone back since” – Ashley