Interview with hip hop artist Cage

Interview with hip hop artist Cage. Cage has a very distinct style of rhyming which is often compared to Eminem. He has been part of various groups including Smut Peddlers, Nighthawks, and The Weathermen.
interview by Eric
You make a lot of references to non hip music in several of your songs. Other than hip hop, what do you listen to?
rap ,old punk, not this new pop horse shit,sonic youth ,nirvana,i used to like classical music now it makes my ears bleed

The orignal version of your song “54” has the line “can you guess who the racist DJ is”, that was later to changed to “can you guess who the faget DJ is”, any reasoning for this?
not really,he was a fucking liar,i should have said who the fucking lying dj is

You’ve been busy with quite a few projects. Smut Peddlers, Weathermen, Night Hawks, and of course your solo career. Who do you prefer working with?
night hawks was beamer money, we wrote it in a week and weathermen well,its all weathermen shit bruh

Your new album “weatherproof” drops real soon, everything I’ve heard from it sounds really hot. Do you forsee MTV in your future?
thanks ,its an ep,enhanced with video on it and no i dont because i dont have money behind me.

You make a lot of drug references in your songs. What’s your drug of choice?
adrenalin ,wait thats not a drug,it feels like one but,really theres no escaping this hell hole.

What’s the worst experience you’ve had while under the influence?
over dose but they brought me back to life like jason vorhees,fuuuuck.

Ever been arrested? If so for what?
plenty times,14-25.drugs,drugs,drugs and pissing in a public place oh and assault.

Any final thoughts/comments?
yeah fuck every country that doesnt buy my music,as for my thoughts on the war,fuck every country that doesnt buy my music!