1.) You graduated from Columbia University at age 21, what did you study in school?
Hi, it was age 22. I studied business as my major & french as a minor

2.) You can speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, and sign language. How have these skills helped you in life?
I have signed a deal with Nokia to do their phonecards & also their birthday video greetings in 2 countries. It

3.) There’s been rumors of you currently attending UCLA. Are you currently in school? No
4.) You’ve posed nude for magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, and High Society, as well as made porn videos. Considering you have a degree from Columbia, what made you decide to get into this field? $$$$$$$$$$$$. I like being independent. You have these stupid women that marry men for money. How about making your own & being independent

5.) What is a normal day like for you? I get up super early,go to the gym,tan, do stuff on my site & mail stuff out.

6.) What is your favorite porn that you’ve done? LA 399

7.) All time favorite band? Iron Maiden & Kiss

8.) I’ve heard you have a collection of vintage Barbie dolls, what made you decide to start this collection? I really liked the way they look and their styles

9.) You and your husband just started the 3PW promotion. What’s going on with that?

#1: I am not married. marriage is an institution & I do not want to be institutionalized. #2: everything is well with 3pw. Our shows are at stores on dvd & vhs.
10.) How did you meet Blue Boy? I met him at an independent show we both worked on in NJ when I was hosting the Metal fest

11.) Future plans, final comments? keep on rockin!!!

My take

Will You See Her in WWE? No way, too much ego and not enough talent. I saw her in a match with Stacey “The Kat” Carter one time, and it was easily the worst women’s match I’ve ever witnessed. Slow, sloppy, and horrible promo work. Not WWE caliber by a longshot

Is 3PW worth checking out? In my opinion no, I don’t think it offers anything special

How was it interviewing this person? Not good. Rejected about ten questions, and from the questions she chose to answer, as you can see she doesn’t have much to say. She did however manage to tell me to promote several things for her, which I really don’t think are worth promoting. I met her in New Jersey about two weeks after the interview was completed and I thought she was arrogant and obnoxious.