Sabre Cat defeated “Big Juicy” Justin Corino and “The Master” Wes Draven in a fast paced Triple Threat Match

The Road Dogg was introduced as Guest PWS Commissioner.
His first course of action was introducing PWS’ new ring announcer;  “Majestic” Larry Legend.

Majestic Twelve Title Tournament Round 1
Danny Demanto with Velvet Sky  & Amazing Red  beat Joel Maximo & Rich Swann

“The New Horror” Sami Callihan & “The Assassin” Dan Maff beat Bandido Jr & Adam Cole

Necro Butcher & Devon Moore beat The Best Around

Majestic Twelve Tournament Round 2
Danny Demanto with Velvet Sky pinned The Amazing Red

“The New Horror” Sami Callihan defeated “The Assassin”  Dan Maff via submission

Devon Moore pinned Necro Butcher

“The Samoan Mastadon” Fala & Timmy Aiight & Joey Ayyo with Rocksha defeated Kenny Doane & Da Hoodz
with Dean Ripley in a Stretcher Match after Fala put Doane on the Stretcher.
After the match Fala, Aiight, and Ayyo began their popular dance celebration which was interrupted by the
attacking Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro). As the 2 on 3 attack began, Nick FN Gage hit the ring and began
cleaning house with a staple gun, several steel chairs, light tubes, handcuffs, and a singapore cane which was
shattered into multiple pieces by the time he was finished wreaking carnage.

Majestic Twelve Tournament Round 3
Sami Callihan pinned Danny Demanto with a Frog Splash (Demanto’s finisher)

Devon Moore pinned Sami Callihan
after a devastating Yakuza Kick to win The Pro Wrestling Syndicate Heavyweight Championship for the
second time, and winning his second Majestic Twelve Tournament. Moore dedicated the Title victory to the
man who originally defeated him for the same title in 2009, the late great Trent Acid.

May 8, 2010 in White Plains, NY
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero was introduced as the surprise PWS Guest

Kevin Matthews with Alexa Thatcher pinned Butterbean to win The PWS
Heavyweight Championship after hitting Butterbean with brass knucks

AJ Styles beat Paul Burchill via submission. After the match AJ went after
The Pope which resulted in Burchill getting some payback on AJ.

Jerry Lynn beat Vampiro after a run in by Reality Check. RC attacked
Vampiro and layed Lynn on top of Vampiro. Lynn looked puzzled as Reality
Check attempted to recruit Lynn to their stable. Lynn declined.

Portia Perez pinned Alexxis Nevaeh

The Urban Legends (Devious & Wes Draven) beat The Outlaws From Hell
(Justin Blackwell & Earl Cooter), The BQE (Jay Lover & Tommy Buds), and
Buckout Road Ballers (Timmy Aiight & Joey Ayyo)in a Street Fight to retain
PWS Tag Team Titles

Desmond Wolfe pinned “The Assassin” Dan Maff

Amazing Red & Bandido Jr beat Generation Me

Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Greg Valentine  vs Doink The Evil Clown ended
in a Double Countout

Timmy Aiight hosted a Bikini Contest with Chloe Campbell, April-Tini,
and Velvet Sky with guest judges Joel Gertner and Dick Kroll

The Dynamic Sensation with Chloe Campbell & Danny Demanto with
Velvet Sky were last two men in 7 Way Elimination Match for PWS NY
State Title, outlasting Sonjay Dutt, Kenny Dykstra, Daivari, Grim Reefer,
and Fala with Ox Baker.  Match ruled No Contest due to double injury
following a 20 foot Balcony Dive through a table.

Butterbean with Gorgeous George  beat Trent Acid with Annie Social via
Knock Out  to win The PWS Heavyweight Championship

Trent Acid (as Deadpool) with Annie Social  beat  Devon Moore, Grim
Reefer, Balls Mahoney to win PWS Title

Sabu won 30 Man E-Normus Rumble Match which included Shockwave
The Robot, Jimmy Jact Cash, Kizarny, Jay Santana, The Zombie, and more

The Urban Legends (Devious & Wes Draven) beat The Best Around  (TJ
Cannon & Bruce Maxwell), Da Hoodz (Pyro & Kash) and Air-O-Dynamic
(The Dynamic Sensation & Javi Air) to win PWS Tag Team Titles

Trent Acid beat Xavier, Sami Callihan, Monsta Mack in a 4 Corners Match

Bandido Jr beat Dave Logan

Hellter Skelter beat Butterbean by DQ in an impromptu match after
Butterbean began brawling with Trent Acid on the floor

Julio Dinero’s Naked Truth with guests Butterbean and Trent Acid

Nunzio pinned Timmy Aiight with So Cal Val
in a Paul E’s Trainer vs Paul E’s protege Match

Fala with Ox Baker pinned DJ Hyde
in a Battle Of Paul E’s last two in ring opponents

Azrieal pinned Pinkie Sanchez

Appearances by Missy Hyatt, Koko B Ware,Nikki Roxx, and more

The entire gate from this event was donated in the ring to the family of
Paul E Normus.  Several wrestlers got in the ring and said some kind
words about Paul. A video message from Shad of Cryme Time was played.

in Garfield NJ
May 8, 2010 in White Plains, NY
Prior to PWS Vendetta,  Pro Wresting Syndicate held an all day
autograph convention in the same location.

Some stars in attendance included:
AJ Styles
Paul Burchill
The Godfather
Tommy Dreamer
Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
Velvet Sky
Shelly Martinez
Tito Santana
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
Mark Jindrak
Damien Demento
Angelina Love
The Amazing Red
Colt Cabana
Manny Fernandez
Ron Simmons
Justin Credible
Balls Mahoney
Desmond Wolfe
Generation Me
Sonjay Dutt
Kenny Doane
The Pope
Tony Mamaluke
Sara Del Rey, Alexa Thatcher, Portia Perez, Alexxis Nevveah

Devon Moore beat Sabu, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Grim Reefer  to retain
The PWS Heavyweight Championship

Kamala beat Eddie Kingston

Deadpool w/Gorgeous George beat Kevin Matthews w/Terri Runnels
in an Ambulance Match which left Terri and Kevin bloody messes

B-Boy beat Danny Demanto – Best Of 3 Falls Match

Air-O-Dynamic beat The SAT

Tommy Suede beat Pinkie Sanchez

Romeo Roselli pinned Julio Dinero with Miss Michelle

Azrieal/One Warrior Nation/Bandido Jr/Cooter/Paul E Normus with
Rocksha beat Soldier Ant/Fire Ant/DJ Hyde/El Scumbag/Ophidian
in a 5 on 5 NY vs Philly Elimination Match; Azrieal + Warrior survivors

Urban Legends  beat Da Hoodz

Timmy Aiight w/Paul E Normus beat Joe Ettell

Tyler Veritas/Adam Cole beat Scumbag Exp

The Iron Sheik was introduced as PWS Guest Commissioner

in Yonkers, NY
Devon Moore beat B-Boy and Grim Reefer to
retain The PWS Heavyweight Championship in an
Ambulance Match

The Dynamic Sensation pinned Javi Air
after the match the two shook hands and decided
to form a tag team called Air-O-Dynamic

Paul E Normus pinned Fala

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal
beat One Warrior Nation

Azrieal pinned Mentallo

Demolition vs Rob Vegas/Danny Demanto ended
in a No Contest after Demanto turned on Vegas
and joined Reality Check

The Urban Legends beat The Manitoba Maulers

Romeo Roselli pinned Tommy Suede

A 4 Way PWS Contract Match between EJ
Risk, VSK, Vicious Vin, and Justin Corino ended
after the recently fired Danny Demanto stormed
the ring and hit finishers on all four to pick up
the win and resign his vacated contract

Jimmy Hart was Special Guest PWS

1)  EJ Risk vs Justin Toxic ended in a No Contest
after a run in by The SAT

2) The SAT beat Grim Reefer + Azrieal

3) Ken Scampi beat Dan Barry

4) Supreme Lee Great pinned Chris Ansert

5) Alexa Thatcher pinned Annie Social

6) Tommy Suede beat The Zombie by count out
after an interference by Reality
Check.  RC offered Suede membership and he

7) Javi Air pinned The Dynamic Sensation

8)  Abyss beat Balls Mahoney (subbing for Necro
Butcher) in a No DQ Match –
post match Reality Check beat down Abyss

9) Bandido Jr pinned Rocksha 337

10) Greg “The Hammer” Valentine beat Brutus
“The Barber” Beefcake

11) Devon Moore beat Danny Demanto and Kenny
Omega in a 3 Way Dance to retain the PWS Title

PWS BREAKDOWN in Belleville NJ
1)  EJ Risk pinned Justin Toxic

2)  Ruckus destroyed Chris Ansert
3)  Alexa Thatcher vs Annie Social ended in a
No Contest after Devon Moore cleared ring,
save by Thatcher’s boyfriend Kenny Omega

4)  Justin Corino beat Rob Vegas

5) The Best Around beat TDS/SLG

6) Tommy Suede issued an Open Challenge which
was met by Kronik The Clown.  Suede destroyed
Kronik for the win.

7) Jim Powers entered the ring and got his hand
raised after pinning Tommy Suede

8) Danny Demanto pinned Eddie Kingston

9) Teddy Hart pinned Jack Evans

10) Devon Moore beat Kenny Omega in a
Ladder Match to win The PWS Title.
Kevin Matthews did a run in during the match, but
was laid out by Omega. Omega was then
blinded by powder and Alexa Thatcher ran in
to make the save, pulling Moore off the ladder
as he was inches from the belt. Thatcher then
swerved and lowblowed Omega, revealing
that she had secretly been seeing Moore.  The
group of Moore, Matthews, and Thatcher was
announced as Reality Check.

1)  Tommy Suede pinned Azrieal to win final spot in The Majestic 12 Tournament
2)  The unannounced Adam Flash got into the ring and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back which was met by Paul E
Normus driving a lamborgini to the ring with Rocksha!  Paul E Normus pinned Adam Flash.

The Majestic Twelve Tournament to crown the PWS Champion began.  The Majestic Twelve is a unique tournament created by
PWS in which each of the 12 entrants are paired at random to form tag teams based on the luck of the draw.  Round One consists
of three Tag Team Matches.  Each winning team advances to Round Two where it becomes Partner vs Partner in Singles
Matches.   Each of the three Round Two winners are entered into the Triple Threat Elimination Round 3.

3) Teddy Hart/Jack Evans beat Ruckus/Trent Acid

4) Devon Moore/M-Dogg 20 beat Danny Demanto/Sonjay Dutt

5) Jerry Lynn/Kenny Omega beat Kevin Matthews/Tommy Suede

6) Alexa Thatcher pinned Angelina Love

7) Jack Evans beat Teddy Hart

8) Devon Moore pinned M-Dogg 20

9) Kenny Omega pinned Jerry Lynn

10) The Sandman pinned Commissioner Necro Butcher

11) Kenny Omega + Devon Moore forced Jack Evans to tap out to
a double submission.  Devon Moore vs Kenny Omega ended in a Double Knock Out

PWS FIRESTORM in Lake Hiawatha NJ
1)  Drew Blood pinned Kennedy Kendrick

2)  Malta The Damager beat Rocksha + The Voice
in a 3 Way. post match The Zombie cleared the
ring with a pumpkin

3)  Kenny Omega pinned Davey Richards

4)  Danny Demanto pinned “Dr Death” Steve

5)  “Lowlife” Louie Ramos beat Drake Younger +
Monsta Mack

6)  Devon Moore pinned Azrieal

7)  Paul E Normus pinned Damian Dragon

8)  Trent Acid pinned Justin Credible

9)  Teddy Hart/Ruckus beat Human Tornado/Black

10) Sabu pinned Necro Butcher – No DQ Match

Appearances by Captain Lou Albano and Kevin

1)  Alica pinned Talia Madison

2)  Azrieal pinned “Latin American Dream” Rob

3)  Kevin Matthews destroyed JD Smoothy + Joe

4)  Julio Dinero’s Naked Truth with Commissioner
Necro Butcher and Justin Credible

5)  Michael Sain pinned Crowbar

6)  Paul E Normus with Rocksha pinned The Zombie

7)  Danny Demanto with Talia pinned Kenny Omega

8)  Monsta Mack beat Abyss by DQ

9)   “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal pinned “The
Genius” Lanny Poffo*

10)  Sabu beat Trent Acid, Justin Credible, Danny
Doring  in a 4 Way No DQ Match

11) Low Ki/Eddie Kingston beat Danny
Demanto/Necro Butcher
Music Performances by Skyzoo, Torae, Born Talent

PWS Revelation, 6/24/07 in Garfield NJ
1) Trent Acid beat Alex Shelly and Human Tornado
in a Triple Threat Match

2)  The Zombie pinned Malta The Damager

3)  Samoa Joe beat Eddie Kingston via submission

4) Koko B Ware pinned Niles Young with Noel.
After the match Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
made a surprise appearance and cut Niles’ hair.

5) Jason Blade beat Danny Demanto w/ Talia

6)  The Canadian Superstars (Dave Cole & J-Busta)
beat Outcast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo

7)  Justin Credible pinned Reckless Youth

8)  Abyss beat Paul E Normus, Michael Sain, and
Monsta Mack in a 4 Way Elimination Match.

Music Performances by Pumpkinhead, Born Talent,
and The Pickle Factory