Jan-May 2007
Sat May 1 @ The Underscore – NYC
Marisa Rhodes, Uppanotch, Angela Severiano, Ashley Rose, Polo Big,
BLO, and more.

Fri April 20 @ The Underpass – Elmwood Park NJ
Scrabble Kings, Low N B Hold, Pickle Factory, Born Talent, Cymarshall
Law, Silent Knight, more. Hosted by Jay Love.

Fri April 13 @ The Underscore – NYC
Marc Rizzo (Soulfly),  Brit Pressley, Johnny Blue

Thurs April 12 @ The Underscore – NYC
Ande Sedwick, Marissa Levy, Melissa Giges, Victoria Levy, Phil Common,
Malissa. Hosted by BLO.

Sun April 1 @ The Underscore – pm show
Chuck Naked (last show ever), Jennings, Lauren Hunt, Virginia, Reese

Sun April 1 @ The Underscore – am show
Sicks Deep, Demized, Who Amongst The Damned, Nightwalker, Uppanotch,
Body Bagz.

Fri March 30 @ The Underpass – NJ
Pumpkinhead, Born Talent, Ques One, Pickle Factory, Reign Of Terror,
Mike Gottie, Troy Kennedy, Knowledge

Thurs March 22 @ The Underscore NYC
Anna Yvette, Billie Rainbird, Laura Ault, Matt Macklecan, Katie Arnold,
Alexa Benoit

Sun March 18 @ Underscore NYC
Trophy Scars, Rains For Days, The Sick List, HerCanDane, Rest Assured,
Reign Of Terror, Ovadose, Knowledge

Thurs March 15 @ Underscore NYC
Angela Severiano, Brett Aaron, Billie Rainbird, Juliet Echo, All Out Riot,
Melinda Davis, Malissa

Fri March 2 @ Underscore
The Corpus, Joe Holland, Johnny Blue, Phil Common, STO

Thurs March 1 @ Underscore
Jennings, Ande Sedwick, Malissa, Natalie Gelman

Thurs Feb 15 @ Underscore
Longspur, Letters To London, Reflookoo Jambee

Wed Feb 14 @ Underscore
Chuck Naked

Fri Feb 9 @ Underpass NJ
Chris Barron + The Time Bandits

Sat Feb 3 @ Underpass NJ
25 Ta Life

Sat 2/10 @ Underscore NYC
DJ Tejo, Uppanotch, Randy Mason, Bombshell Mel, Sean First Born, Pickle
Factory, Pro, Ovadose, and more. Hosted by Fingaz.

Thurs 2/1 @ Underscore NYC
Melissa Giges, Lauren Hunt, Marisa Levy, Natalie Gelman

Sat 1/27 @ Underpass Elmwood Park, New Jersey
FHM Girl Bombshell Mel, Jay Love, Born Talent, Stan Ipcus, The Pickle
Factory, Ovadose, Fingaz, and more. Hosted by II Cold BLO.

Sat 1/20/07 @ Underscore NYC
The Corpus, War Child, and Sunday Girl (Blondie Tribute band from The
UK’s first US show)

Fri 1/19/07  @ Underscore NYC
NYC Singer Songwriter show with David Poe, Lauren Hunt, Brit Pressley,
Daniel Kiedis, Phil Common, Jimmy’s Ring, and the first show ever by
January Window