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Hello, visitor ! If you have any questions on my blog here is the article for you !

I decided to open a blog a little over two years ago now because I wanted to write and share my tips, tips and all kinds of little things with you. My blog deals with a wide range of topics, but it is also about lifestyle. Here are all the categories of my blog, I hope you like them :

Reviews: I love reading this is one of my passions, you will find mainly reviews on books but also films and series that I have read or seen and which I liked. There is also a special section when I am reviewing the Golden Tiger Casino roulette games, as I have been pretty much drawn to them lately, mostly because of their free 100% match bonuses. So, I think you would be interested to learn about this unique experience of mine as well. The summaries are made by me (and so are not from the fourth cover !).

Tips and tricks: in this category, you will find tips and tricks on a wide variety of topics.

Hair-Hair: as its name indicates, there will be here Hair tutorials and tips to make your hair simply beautiful!

Creation: I love to create so many things at once in this category I will share with you my creations of the moment!

Me: these are articles about my plans for this blog and to let you know if at any time I might not be able to respond to your comments… It’s kind of a bond between you and me. And that’s also where you’ll find articles about me.

Beauty: there are items that will help you take care of your skin and face, sometimes with beauty recipes.

Recipe: as its name indicates, in this category there are recipes both dishes and desserts that are generally easy to make and that I like to make well.

Review: in this category, there are articles about the new products I bought and where I give my opinion on them.

Miscellaneous: it is the articles that do not have a particular category that is therefore in this category, it is a bit of a catch-all!

Parties: these are articles (usually tutorials ) about parties like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day.

Tag: so these are posts tags to learn a little more about me, my blog, My desires.

Environment: I am very sensitive about the environment, deforestation, animal disappearances…this category therefore speaks of all that is related to the bio and the environment, the principle as well as the spirit.

Make-up: be aware that there will not be many items in this category as I almost never do makeup except for occasions. So you will find makeup tutorials rather in the Christmas periods, Valentine’s day…

Education: in this category, there is everything to do with education: languages, harassment, feeling good about your institution.

Sport: in this category you will find articles about sport, under what conditions, which sport is best suited for us. Blog: this category will give advice to bloggers who are starting out, but also ideas for articles, discoveries of new blogs.

FAQ: this is the category where there will be all my FAQ, openings, and their answers.

My pen : I love to write (it is for that and to share these passions that I would like a blog) so I you would publish articles is to talk about a subject that touches me to the heart, either to small stories, poems…

Love : in this category there are all articles on love to fall in love at breakup, I will try to help you understand the mysteries of love!

Music: In this category, you can find my favorite music, playlists.

Photography: I always liked taking pictures and recently I decided to open a new category photography where I would share my photos of trips, walks but also of moments and places!