Why I Relate to the Gothic Lifestyle

It is inevitable to think that in today’s society we are all labeled according to individual tastes, activities, thoughts, dress and other aspects, in Sociology for study issues this classification has been called “subcultures.” One of the groups that are considered to subculture is the Gothic, which more than subculture prefers to call it a culture, by the fact that I don’t think that this is focusing purely on young people or specific groups. That is is why it is often classified as subculture), and that culture Gothic can provide a lot of details to people of all ages who are open to learning new things.

The cradle of the Gothic genre was Europe, specifically in England in the ’80s where the type of gothic rock began to be more widely publicized and where the fans of this genre began to be known as a great movement. Hence leave many details known by many as the inauguration of the Batcave in a bar where they started to meet all the members of the campaign, thanks to the great success of the musical genre, this style of life sprang to be well known in all parts of the world.

The goth today can be considered, rare, crazy, sick with dark things, so many things that have been said to him, even worshiper of the devil, this is due to the lack of information that many people have, which has created a lot of paranoia for the simple fact of being afraid to know something new and different. And I say this because I like this lifestyle, not only for music but also its attachment to literature, romanticism and that style of clothes and objects that are very close to the Victorian era that personally seems excellent to me.

But I’m not going to describe everything related to this art to you because I was already ahead of you, I am delighted to do this post since here in Ecuador, as in all parts of the world, there are many guys with an affinity to this lifestyle. Many of them, my friends and I was delighted to see this report on the web of one of the most critical newspapers in my country “daily the universe.” I understand that it was also in the printed edition, the truth I could not read it, but the important thing is that the openness that can be made known has been given and that people see the real face of the coin so to speak.

Urban Art Gothic Character

A fundamental difference between Romanesque and Gothic art is the urban character of the latter. In fact, the Romanesque is born within a rural society, formed by Warriors and peasants; the Gothic is developed in the cities and will coincide with the decline of feudalism and the consolidation of real power.

The city stands as a political, religious, cultural, and economic center. The squares are flanked by the cathedral and the municipal palace, in a constant rivalry between the power of the church and the nobility.

At this time, increased trade, especially with the middle east and created universities. A new social class appears: the bourgeoisie, which contributes to the construction of cathedrals and palaces through the payment of alms and tributes; also the guilds or associations of trades, called “Arts” in Italy and “guilds” in northern Europe, in which the bourgeois are grouped and whose economic power is manifested in the buildings housing their headquarters.

During this period, many religious and secular buildings were built that contributed to the beautification and glory of medieval cities.